Tro – the old city of Turkey

Tro - the old city of Turkey

Excursions in destroyed the small town of Turkey
Troy. TROY (Truva), though not most impressing proceeding from belief of archeology the district of Turkey, but, apparently, the most eminent thanks to homeric "Illiada". Ruins of the old small town of Turkey, to the West from the main road approximately in 20 km to the South from Chanakkal it is, even less, than others, also consist in the main thing of defensive walls, malekhanky theatre and the temple remains. Tourists can be disappointed in Turkey, but it is necessary to consider that this settlement is dated the end of a bronze age and consequently is even more senior than the majority of other ancient sights. The oldest layer (so-called Troy I) is dated the middle of the IV millennium BC, and the last (Troy IX) – III century BC – III century AD, i.e. the period of blossoming of the Roman Empire.
How to reach ruins of the old small town of Turkey
Stop in Chanakkal, and заместо the organised excursion (21 euro) come to Troy on public transport in Turkey – долмуше (1 euro), going from road service station. As you can use a taxi in Turkey. By all means familiarise with the information panel at an entrance to the place of excavation (ежедн. 8. 00-17. 00/19. 00, 7 euros). Further the road conducts to a huge wood stallion. Nearby there are ruins of the small town which has settled down on a rocky ledge over the plain, stretching for 8 km towards the sea. The panorama looks extremely, in particular in the summer in Turkey, and, despite of not so impressing ruins, standing on shaft and looking at the plain, it is simple to present for itself camp of the achaeans besieging the city.

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