Trekking in Georgia and climbing Kazbek

Trekking in Georgia and climbing Kazbek - Georgia (1)

Georgia is a marvelous country, famous for its vines, cognacs and unrivaled Caucasus Mountains. These features along with many others attract many tourists from all over the world. For alpinists the main advantage is rocky impregnable cliffs, whose snowy peaks reach the sky. Fans of rafting can practice on the rough mountain rivers. And travelers can visit different cities with medieval architecture and learn many interesting traditions of locals. At the territory of Georgia the popular ski resort Gudauri is located among the Caucasus Mountains, which is a so called Mecca for those who prefer free ride and gather there from different parts of the world.

Caucasus Mountains is perfect place for trekking in Georgia. There are a lot of interesting routes worth of attention. The Caucasus Mountains cover the major part of the country. They stretch from the northern-east to the southern-west. The mountains are rather high, more than 5000 meters, but there are also many easy routes for trekking which doesn’t demand special skills and experience. Still there are some peculiarities worth to know. Before planning the trekking tour to Georgia it’s better to practice somewhere on the lower mountains.

Very popular and exciting activity is climbing one of the highest peaks of the Georgian Caucasus – the Kazbek Mountain (5033 meters). It is located on the southern-east of the Main Caucasus Range on the border between Georgia and Russia. Kazbek is an ancient volcano and its peak is covered with a glacier. In Georgia this mount is also known as Mkinvartsveri or Mkinvari, which means “mountain with icy peak” Therefore climbing to the mount demands good fitness and basic mountaineering skills.

The easiest and the most popular route to the top of the mount goes by the Georgian side from the village Stepantsminda, which situates at an altitude of 1750 meter. As the classical route to the Kazbek peak doesn’t contain steep cliffs it is suitable not only for professional alpinists. However, you’ll spend several nights in a tent, it’s good to have previous experience of some trekking tours in Georgia.Special equipment you will need climbing Kazbek includes crampons, helmet, ice ax and ropes for system of safety on some steps of the route.

Travelling to Georgia is a good opportunity to supplement your trekking experience with a mountaineering one. Besides, at the altitude of 500 meters you will view fascinating landscapes of the mighty Caucasus Mountains, you will get unforgettable impressions.

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