Use laser pointer to play with your cat when you are away


People enjoy view that cats prefer to attach themselves to places, not to owners, because they are loners and don’t need company. However, it turns out that feline love our company and prefer to spend their time playing with us.

It is a well-known fact that cats sleep 15-18 hours every day so many owners believe that all time they spend at work their cats are sleeping, however, this statement is far away from truth. Cats can be depressed and feel lonely because of absence of their owners and that can result in obesity and harms to mental and physical condition. They can also lose appetite or become lethargic. Whether you believe it or not, but sometimes vets prescript antidepressant medications for severely depressed cats!

Lonely cat – destructive cat. Bored cat is a walking disaster –pet can scratch the furniture, tatter wallpapers, break vases and other glass items. Some owners think that with the television on their cats will not feel alone and they will watch TV. However, it is hard to imagine daytime TV program that can draw attention of the cat, unless it is BBC Nature with stories about mice.

Adopting another cat can be considered as a kind of problem solving. Unfortunately, there is no guarantee that they will get alone with each other. And if you have no possibility to provide them more territory for games and toys you are at risk to receive two bored kitties instead of one.

Cats need interactive plays for at least 20 minutes each day and that will help your pet to stay physically and mentally active. Regular interaction with you is crucial for the cat because you are companions.

Try Petcube! With help of this gadget you will be able to entertain your pet from another part of the globe!

  1. Wide angle camera. With its help you can see everything that happens in your house. You can record cute cat videos and share them – without a doubt, your pet can become a hero of Youtube!
  2. Speaker and microphone. Speak with your cat and hear grateful purr in answer!
  3. Everybody knows that cats like to chase laser spot. They are hunters so they like to play such games that need speed and quick reaction. And with help of Petcube you can play with your pet even when you are not t home!

Petcube Camera is controlled with help of special mobile app available for iOS and Android.

Stay close to your beloved kitty!

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