The main data of objects for tourism in Dubrovnik.

The main data of objects for tourism in Dubrovnik.

Main data of the small town of Dubrovnik.

At a trip to round across Croatia. The pier and autostation are placed in the port suburb Gruzh, in 3 km to the west of the city. The main western entrance to the starenky city of Pile Gate is in walking half an hour on Ante Starcevica St.; vobshchy, here it is better to reach by buses 1а, 3 from pier or by buses 1а, 3, 6 from autostation. Tickets can be got at the driver (10 кун without delivery) or in newsstands (8 кун). The main tourist’s bureau is placed in the ancient small town about Stradin (ежедн. June-avg. 8. 00-24. 00, сент. – May 8. 00-20. 00; 020/321 561), also there are its branches to the addresses Ante StarCevica 7 (June-avg. ежедн. 8. 00-20. 00, сент. – May pn-pt 9. 00-16. 00, сб 9. 00-13. 00) and on the contrary piers in Gruzhe (the same business hours).

Personal accommodation, хостелы.

Personal accommodation will be organised by Gulliver agencies about Obala Stjepana Radida 32 (020/313 300) and Dubrovnikturist that in 100 m to the east of autostation about put Republike 7. There is a solid hosted on bana Jelacica 15/17 (90 кун with the people) – there it is necessary to go on Ante Starcevica St. from autostation and in 5 minutes of a way to turn to the right. The house board Vila Micika about Mata Vodopica 10, Lapad (the bus 6 to Lapadsky mail) offers hotel conditions of accommodation (a bed in blank and comfortable number on 2-3 people), also excellent double rooms with: conveniences. Applicable hotels here a little: Petka, opposite to pier on Obala Stjepan Radica 38. Lero, in 1, 5 km from Pile Gate (Huge Gate) on lva Vojnovica 14. The free monthly journal of Dubrovnik Riviera Guide which can be received in hotels and tourist’s bureau, contains the schedule of bus and sea routes, also the description of the future cultural actions.

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