The peninsula to Gelibola – the region of Turkey where many excursions in Turkey

The peninsula to Gelibola - the region of Turkey where many excursions in Turkey

Regions of Turkey and their military past
Peninsula to Gelibola. The peninsula Gelibola (Gallipoli) on the northwest coast of Dardanelless, except a fine landscape and beaches of Turkey, is known for the dark military past. In April, 1915 according to U.Churchill’s plans in this region of Turkey Antanta’s armies were planted (including the Australian and New Zealand parts) on purpose to deduce Turkey from war, but the invention was not successful, having carried away a large quantity of lives. The Australian and New Zealand fighters and their commanders, then for the first time participated in operations, and day of their landing (the 25th Agrarian Party of Russia.) it is noted as day of ANZAC. On local fields of fights and military cemeteries the entrance fee from tourists in Turkey is not provided (entrance time) but as here not rather public transport, it is necessary either to use the is not limited also, or to go on the organised excursion trip.
Excursions on fields of fights in Turkey
Excursions in Turkey on fields of fights (33 euros from the person, including a dinner) offer the local companies, best of them works in a hostel 77 with ‘s in Edzheabat (0286/814 3121). For groups of 4-5 people will cheaper manage to hire the car. Fields of fights of the First World War and military cemeteries with an abundance of graves, monuments and obelisks – unforgettable historical sights of Turkey. It is now heavy to present that this peace, buried in verdure place in 1915 was the burnt desert. At first tourists bring into the Museum centre Kabatep (ежедн. 8. 00-18. 00, 1 euros) near which are a beach, the Plain шрапнели and the cemetery Shell Green. From their hand a tax to places of landing of ANZAC – bays Anzak and Aryburn. To reach them it is possible and by a taxi in Turkey. From here the road conducts to the left to beaches and the hydrochloric lake on Suvl’s cape (now renamed in Kemikla Burn), but the most part of tourists go to the right to the settlement of Buyuk Anafartalar and Chonkbayyra’s hillock with bulky New Zealand and Turkish memorials (on the last Ataturk’s words are traced). On the road back pass by trenches Nek, Uolkers the Ridge and Queens the Post, there it is visible, as close opponents were from each other. Further the road passes on the former neutral strip and through the line of supply goes down to a beach cemetery which you can inspect in the summer in Turkey.

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