Transport, trips and accommodation. Gathering to holiday, scroll in the head, in Egypt you will choose what excursions, where will live during rest and on what to move

Transport, trips and accommodation. Gathering to holiday, scroll in the head, in Egypt you will choose what excursions, where will live during rest and on what to move

The price of excursions in Egypt: pilgrimage or commercial tour to monasteries

Though it is impossible to get to monasteries directly on public transport, it is possible to reach them in several ways. The main thing about what it is necessary to hold in the head – is unreal to make here quick visit, and it is not necessary to hurry up, when you get to a monastery. If you feel with comfort, travelling with religious believers, it is most ideal to you to join the pilgrimage tours organised from Cairo by Coptic patriarchy (22 Sharia Ramses, Abbasiya; ph. 02/960-035) or YMCA (27 Sharia al-Gumhorriya; 02 917-360), there buses in Egypt go every week. Coptic churches in Luxor or Hurghada can organise also rounds on noncommercial base. Commercial rounds from Cairo or Hurghada represent other possibility. Misr Travel will organise round from Hurghada in both monasteries for 30 dollars from the person; the price of excursions in Egypt to monasteries at other agencies will be lower, but with visit of only the 1st monastery. It is dependent from your starting пт, can leave cheaper if to agree with taxi rent in Egypt. The price is in dependence from what excursions in Egypt you will choose: the excursion trip duration of 6-8 hours should cost about 300 pounds from Suez, 400 pounds from Cairo; 4-5часовая the trip by a taxi from Zaafarana approximately will cost 170 pounds. The trip from the 1st monastery to another (82 km) will take about 90 minutes.

Independent trip to Egypt: travel to monasteries

The most cheap rest in Egypt is, absolutely precisely, an independent trip which connects public transport of Egypt, a self-locking device and pedestrian walk. Except the hottest months it is not so unsafe, if your independent trip to Egypt is properly prepared: for the period of travel to a monastery provide itself with enough of water and the smallest luggage. Though what bus from Cairo or Suez to Hurghada can plant you at turn to St. Pavel’s monastery (26 km to the South from Zaafarana and 152 km to the South from Suez), identified on plastic roofs of a bus stop. The Coptic youth leaving here the bus, is sure that it will manage to catch the car to reach to a monastery, 13 km up because a lot of motor transport moves on the road. If the pilgrims visiting both places, do not suggest you to bring up, to the monastery St. Antonija it is possible to reach by means of the service taxi, plying boundaries of Beni Sueyf and Zaafaran. From the designated turn in 33 km to the West from Zaafarana of only 15 km up to a monastery.

Features of rest in Egypt: ruled visits of monasteries

In a monastery there is a hostel for guests, though for this purpose that тормознуть in it, you need the written permission from "residence" in Cairo (26 El-Kenisa El Morcosia St. Kolet Beck, Cairo; ph. 02/590-6025) what quite often refuse, in particular, if you do not come into group of pilgrims. In both monasteries there are cafeterias, and in St. Pavel’s monastery – shop where the main food are on sale, but you can bring with yourselves the supplies. Features of rest in Egypt, so far as concerns visit of cult constructions, limit smoking and alcohol intake during stay in them, and you should respect the monastic rules concerning clothes and behaviour. Choose the most profitable permits to Egypt from Kemerovo in the middle of innumerable proposals of tour operators on our portal.

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