Food and drinks of Istanbul. A cheap food in cafe. Food in Turkey – not discrepancy

Food and drinks of Istanbul. A cheap food in cafe. Food in Turkey - not discrepancy

Even having lodged in cheap hotels of Turkey, troubles with a food you will not have. Till nedavneshny time in Istanbul dominated tea to what submitted only tea, наргиле and crayfish. Now the enterprises of a public food of the small town are very diverse and similar to similar institutions though what euro the small town. There are also classical dining rooms for workers where the population of the cities of Turkey, both student’s beer, and cafeterias with carrying out of orders, and distinguished continental cafes with popular Turkish coffee and the imported alcohol drinks eats. Type buffets treat cheap institutions lokant (everything that it is possible to get, is exposed here in a transparent show-window), pide-and kebab-salons in what the available meat food in Turkey and flour products is on sale. On all small town children offer dry pretzels with salt. Fishermen in Kadikyoe, Karakyoe and Eminyonya do business directly from own boats unclear fish sandwiches, and in more safe areas from innumerable racks and carts sell appetizing hot treugolnichka with mutton giblets (кокореч). The prices depend on the area and an arrangement of an outlet and hesitate from several cents for бёрек (a pie with cheese, spinach or meat) and one-two dollars for кебаб on carrying out, to 5 and it is more dollars for coffee and a cake in expensive cafe. Choosing itself suitable price level it is possible to get rest in Turkey, without having destroyed the house budget.

For inhabitants of Kazakhstan the trip to Turkey from Karaganda is offered.

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