Yelets – the city in Russian Federation, the regional centre of the Lipetsk region, is placed on river banks the Pine (the right inflow of Don), in 78 km to the West from Lipetsk. The population – 118, 9 тыщ the person (2001). For the first time Yelets is mentioned in the chronicle under 1146 as the strengthened point for protection against polovets at a boundary of the Ryazan principality. The title of the small town occurs from the Russian dialectal word "Yelets" – "oak or fir-tree лесок, a thicket, a grove".


The city has appeared as a fortress for protection of borders Old Russian the countries from attacks of the nomads-stepnyakov living in the neighbourhood in "The run wild field". For the first time Yelets is mentioned by the Nikonovsky chronicle in 1146, speaking about visit by his prince Svyatoslav Olgovich which has been obliged to run from own political enemies:" Prince Svyatoslav Olgovich going to Ryazan, and быв in Mchenska, both in Tula and in the Oaklet on Don both in Yelets, and in Pronska and having come to Ryazan to Oka". Also it is considered to be this date small town year of foundation. In fact Yelets, by all means, ancient – more than for 50 years, and even is more, as in the XII century around there was a developed agricultural vicinity which always developed nearby fortified cities, and its formation needed essential time. In 1483 Yelets has departed to the Capital state. Since 1591 it is sentry point at southeast boundaries Russian the countries. The status of the small town of Yelets has received in 1778. 19 – the beginning of the 20th eyelid on size Yelets practically did not concede in the 2nd half to the Falcon, was the big centre of trade in bread, fabrics.


The city was famous for creation of tanning, tobacco products, creation Yelets patterns. Yelets lace differed myagenky contrast of a small vegetative and geometrical pattern and a narrow openwork background. Since 1960 lace is developed at the Yelets combine of art crafts reembodied in 1974 in association "Yelets patterns". In 1869 in Yelets openly the 1st in the Russian Federation жд school. In the XIX century the city becomes big factory and shopping centre. In the small town some makhorochny factories, iron workshops, more 10 the tanning companies, brewing, spirtovodochny, soap-producing and salotopenny factories operate.

Yelets tourist

Yelets – one of few cities of the Lipetsk region, brought in the list of the cities of the Russian Federation having valuable monuments stories and architecture. As an ornament of Yelets served and temples serve. Before revolution in the small town 31 churches were, there were 15 часовен, two monasteries – man’s and ladies’. The most part from churches it has been built in the XIX century. The Voznesensky cathedral 19 of an eyelid, houses and city estates belong to number of important monuments of architecture of Yelets 18 – the first half of the 19th eyelid, a building of tobacco factory (19 century).
Yelets museum of local lore – one of the best museums of the Lipetsk region. It is based in September, 1918 by natives of Yelets – writer M. M. Prishvin and teacher A.N. Safonova. The exposition of a museum provides guidance on geological history and the necessary minerals of the Yelets area, a plant and animal life, acquaints guests with the events occurring on the district of the Yelets earth from ancient times to modern time. Information on life and creativity of natives of Yelets is extensively presented: Marko Vovchok, D.I.Pisarev, N.A.Semashko, M. M. Prishvin. The art department of museum of local lore is fascinating colourful works of the West European and Russian masters of 18 and 19 centuries, including. K.Ayvazovsky, Fedotov, V. D. Polenov, V. V. Vereschagin. I.A.Bunin’s literary and memorial museum, the childhood and which youth has been connected with the Yelets earth, settles down in a usual town house of the end of the 19th eyelid. Value in an exposition of a museum is represented reconstruction of an entail property Buninykh in Ozerka’s village, by originals of manuscripts, personal belongings of the writer. In Yelets the house museum of composer T. N. Hrennikov (the native of Yelets) operates.

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