Prielbrusye treats the unique resorts of the Russian Federation. Having taken place in districts of the highest mountain of Europe, it does not need superfluous advertising. But not only only the glory of two-headed Elbrus grants popularity to rocky edge. The magic nature of these places allured people at all times. Healing mountain air and the medical sources presented by Earth have life-giving effect on the person. Being is closer to the sky, suddenly you realise all vanity of this world and, at once, all its beauty.

The successful neighbourhood of mountains Tcheget and Elbrus has provided the best conditions for though what type of driving. At a foot of the two-headed giant of a glade with a flat bias are equipped with the bugelny lift. Here come that will learn to go for a drive on mountain skiing or a snowboard. The instructor can be found directly on a slope or to use those who works with hotels of Prielbrusye. Borderov entice a relief snow fields under the 2nd turn of the pendular lift. Free riders подымаются above the last station of a ropeway "Elbrus", to Pastukhov’s mountains also make from there long dizzy descents. But true masters of mountain skiing prefer routes of Tcheget. Abrupt and difficult slopes provide worthy and fascinating driving.

Instructors are necessary not only only brand new. Mountain-skiing schools for raising qualification work in Prielbrusye. In the resort the wide aaplet for фрирайда and heli-ski is available. 6 zones of extra route driving are defined. With fans of extreme rest professional guides work.

The climate of Prielbrusye allows to be created to a natural snow cover in November. The mountain-skiing season proceeds till April. In the top zone of Elbrus it is possible to go for a drive and in May. Snow-white capes on tops lie all the year round. More than 300 sunny days in a year and more shtilevy weather in Azau and Tereskola’s plains do ski resorts of Prielbrusye even more nice for tourism and rest.

Bigger inflow of guests is observed here on New Year’s holidays. Possibility скооперировать rest with the active involvement, improvement and the atmosphere of a ski brotherhood turn celebration of New year into special pleasure. And without looking at that in Prielbrusye the prices for this period increase a little, empty seats understand hotels for a long time to the appointed term. Joys here are provided. It can be as simply bars and billiard rooms at hotels, and ice skating rinks or an Internet cafe. The paintball is open, discos work. In hotel of Prielbrusya «Seven tops» the modern night club has taken place. And, naturally, will be what to have a look. At Mir station the Museum of fighting glory of defenders of Elbrus and the Caucasian passes is placed. To fans of the stately bard of last century such sight of Prielbrusye, as a climbing and hunting museum of a name of V. Vysotsky will be fascinating. Romantic rest will provide a large quantity of the excursion routes developed for guests of the resort. Travel to mountains is always an adventure. Open to itself a shelter «A new outlook», a glacier Big Azau or the beautiful plain of the river Irik.