Dalmatia. Peninsula of Brach.

Dalmatia. Peninsula of Brach.

Island marble.

At a trip to round across Croatia, visit the peninsula of Brach. Brach is famous for the marble of dairy colour which used at construction of a structure of the Reichstag in Berlin, an altar of the Liverpool cathedral, the Snow-white house in Washington and, obviously, Diokletian’s palace.

Island vineyards.

Wine growing was other basic source of the income of the island once, but because of epidemic of a vinogradovy plant louse in the XIX-XX centuries many wine makers have been obliged to throw farms and to leave the peninsula. And now in the heart of the island it is possible to create the thrown houses and grown with a grass and field bushes. It is most convenient to reach here on the sea from Split flight on Supetar – bewitching the tranquillity fishing harbour, the direct bus route to Bol, the centre of occupations by windsurfing on the southern coast where there is one of the most beautiful beaches of Adriatic Sea from where conducts

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