Diving. Underwater excursions in Egypt in particular are quite good at the coast of the Reddish sea. But safety of rest in Egypt completely is in dependence from the diver

Diving. Underwater excursions in Egypt in particular are quite good at the coast of the Reddish sea. But safety of rest in Egypt completely is in dependence from the diver

Excursions to a bottom of the Reddish sea in Egypt: diving

Specifically thanks to diving Hurghada has caught popularity, and tourism повдоль coasts of the Reddish sea has started to develop. Here not only only the best beaches of Egypt, sea life here same, as well as at the coast of Sinai, but geographical features promote formation of coral islands over coral reeves, sharks live in the deepest and which rough waters, huge moray eels and coat slopes. Inflow and отливы here also impressing, the difference reaches 5 metres while on Sinai it makes only metre. Many islands have coral эрги (columns) with the vertical parties which perfectly approach for a drift diving while others are quite shallow for a snorkling. There are about 10 islands in borders of distance of one-day excursion in Egypt and a large quantity of places which can be visited, having ordered diving rounds to Egypt. Here, as well as everywhere, diving – the worst enemy to itself: once rich with corals and molluscs the sea is at present devastated by a huge number of tourists. Hardly there are resorts in Egypt more popular in the middle of divers – to Hurghada there come crowds of tourists every week, and here is more тыщи walking yachts. When put an anchor on reeves, it does incorrigible harm to fragile corals, and what are at port, have suffered most of all. For the help in difficulty permission Underwater national parks of the Reddish sea and Protected islands (on another Sea park) have imposed new everyday «an ecological tax» for all divers (3. The 50th pound), fans of a snorkling (2 pounds) and visitors on a diving safari (5 pounds), all revenue is put in projects on protection of the Reddish sea, also in projects on air cleaning in Cairo; this addition to an ordinary tax on each person at a rate of 4 euros (the 5th dale.) in day for diving on Giftun’s islands both adjoining reeves and 5 euros (6. 70th dale.) in day in the places located further in the south, such as Brothers and Zaberged. The solution of this difficulty also has undertaken НЕРСА (Hurgadsky association on protection and environment protection) which has established "dead" anchor buoys and tries to lift ecological consciousness – but only a little from the local dayv-centres have shown a zaintrigovannost. Tourists can promote, preferring the centres belonging НЕРСА and having certificates of the Egyptian federation of underwater sports, also refusing to take sea souvenirs, like mollusc washbasins (which export is forbidden) or effigies of sharks. You also can simply minimise your influence in places for diving which you visit; do not touch corals, not подымайте anything from a seabed, do not throw anything in water (in particular stubs of cigarettes) and do not feed fishes.

Harmless rest in Egypt: precautionary measures for divers

Your life can depend on a choice of the correct dayv-centre; certain organisations it is unsafe are incompetent (there were cases when divers remained one in the sea or were lost in a cave). Always inspect, that the instructor was qualified, with the real identity card and an insurance, instead of simply photocopies. There are many non-staff employees who quite often change work, so even in the best centres from time to time careless specialists (or opposite meet). In practice, but, harmless rest in Egypt for divers can be organised if to dive in the big centres attached to country hotel complexes, than at underground operators to whom send clients cheap hotels of Egypt (to whose councils it is impossible to trust). From 150 dayv-centres of Hurghada 30 Europeans possess, and here demanded standards are higher, than at the local companies. In 2001. the Association аква sports and diving of the Reddish sea has been created to raise safety and service level and to promote to develop diving tourism in Egypt now; but membership in it is indispensable for all operators on diving and is not a reputation sign. Offered courses are identical with those, as in Sinai. Four – or the five-day courses open-water PADI cost 300-350 euros (405-470 dollars), including the dayversky certificate; two-day courses of the overestimated level – 200-300 euros (270-310 dollars). Beginners can pay 45-60 euros (60-80 dollars) for fact-finding lecture which two controllable immersions follow. The equipment with an aqualung is included in the price of courses, others stand in addition 15-25 euros (20-33 dollars); equipment rent for a snorkling in day costs about 4-8 euros (5-11 dollars). The average price of day boat diving costs 40-60 euros (53-80 dollars) ; the most part of excursions comprise two immersions broken by a lunch which usually comes in the price.

Tourist Egypt. Map of the coast: diving subtleties in the Reddish sea

Never give means to someone on the street who promises to organise a trip; order through the dayv-centre where you can make the complaint if something will not suit you. It will be necessary for you to register and transfer your passport recently in the evening; check, that all details have been truly noted, because incorrectly issued passengers can not start up aboard. For longer excursions the Colona dayv-centre which is based in Magav-sh Village, can organise cruise lasting many days on a vessel. So you can visit located further in the south of a place, such as Safaga, Mars Alam, Va – da Gimal and Vadi Lakhmi for which Egypt is famous, the map of the coast will help to orient on the district. The price is in dependence from conveniences on a vessel and properties of food, you should pay, itself it is not enough, 80-100 euros (110-135 dale.) on the person in day though surtaxes on diving can make 15-70 euros (20-94 dollars) to the final sum, it is dependent on where you plunge. The most part of a safari last week though you can remain longer if you have enthusiasm and means. Even if you only gather for Giftun’s peninsula, check, whether there are at the radio ship, life jackets, oxygen and a set for first-aid treatment. Safety of rest in Egypt is promised not to many divers because many yachts have no sufficient equipment. In critical cases in Hurghada there are pressures chamber: in policlinic of El-Guny and in Mubarak Naval Hyberbaric and Emergency Medical Centre, a row (ph. 065/354-9525 or 354-4195) harbour. About about 30 dayv-centres are members of Diving Emergency Centre Organization (DECO; mobile phones. 112 2187550, info@deco-international. com); that who dives with them, it is necessary to pay 6 euros (8 dollars) in three weeks, it includes free introduction of pressures chamber in Ale Gong or Mars Alam. Choose the best rest in Egypt from Samara on our portal, having specified the travel direction in a line of search.

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