Lagush-gorod and seaport in the south of Portugal.

Lagush-gorod and seaport in the south of Portugal.

Main data

Lagush represents brisk fishing port and one of the most popular tourist objects of the province Algarvi with tremendous beaches and remarkable rocky formation of Pontus-da-Pyedade, to reach to which it is possible by the boat (10 euros). To get here, it is possible to use round to Portugal. Lagush was Henry Morekhod’s loved residence which has used harbour for trade with Africa. Here in 1141 the market of slaves 1st in Europe under the arches of a structure of customs which costs till this moment at the embankment on Praca da Republica has opened. On the embankment and in a back part of the small town it is possible to behold the remains there is no time Lagush’s destroyed by Stately earthquake the unapproachable strengthenings. One most rare and fine church of Saytu-Antoniu trimmed in 1715 with pyshnovaty gilding and magnificent carved images of cherubs which fight with animals and fishes has remained. It is necessary to come and into an adjoining City museum (W-vs 9. 30-12. 30 and 14. 00-17. 00, 2 euros), with very eclectic collection including both ancient Roman busts, and the deformed embryos of animals. The cape to the South from here is surrounded corroded with an erosion the slopes covering some tiny bays, and beaches. It is considered the most colourful Praya – Dee-Don Ana, but, maybe, you will like absolutely small Praya-du-Pinyan (directly opposite to a fire brigade) and to Praya-Kamil (it is sensitive further). Through the river to the east of Lagush the wide sand beach of Meya-Praya where places will suffice all even in the middle of summer is placed.

Practical data

The station is behind the river 15 minutes of walking from the centre through the hinged bridge over harbour. The road service station is placed is sensitive closer, in a quarter from the Avenida dos Descobrimentos trunk main. To tourist’s bureau (pn-pt 9. 30-17. 30/19. 00, Agrarian Party of Russia. – сент. also сб and вс 9. 30-19. 00, 282 763 031) it is necessary to shirk 20 minutes повдоль harbours. Employees will pick up to you the dwelling; but it is even more profitable to remove the personal dwelling around road service station. Two most comfortable boards – Pensao Caravela on Rua 25 de Abril 16 (282 763 361) and Pensao Rubimar, Rua Barroca 70 (282 763 165; rubi-mar01@hotmail. com;) . Ha Rua de Lanсarote de Freites 50 is available hosted (282 761 970; 15 euros) where access to the Web is provided. The local camping of Campismo da Trindade (282 763 893) is on the road to Praia de Dona Ana, but happens is overflowed. During a season the constant bus with the plate «D here walks. Ana/Oporto de Mos» from the small town, on foot it is necessary to go on the main road by a fort. Perfectly it is possible to eat in popular Casa do Ze at the market. Real chickens of piri-piri try in a cheap institution About Franguinho about Rua Luis de Azcvedo 25 (it is closed пн). In a beloved tourists of Casa Rosa on Rua do Ferrador 22 (it is closed пн) offer good-quality international food. Well feed up under live music in the bar restaurant Mullens on Rua Candido dos Reis 86, opposite to a cinema hall and in the bar Eddie’s on Rua 25 de Abril, 99. Both are open to 2. 00. The modern club Bon Vivant is open on Rua 25 de Abril 105 where there is a "tropical" terrace on a roof (to 04. 00).

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