Guimaraes city Portugalii.

Guimaraes city Portugalii.

Main data

The 1st capital of Portugal Guimaraes remains the booming and bright institute city. The main sight here – the lock Guimaraes (ежедн. 9. 30-12. 30 and 14. 00-17. 00, беспл.), whose square main and seven other towers are never-ending signs of independent Portugal. To get here, it is possible to use round to Portugal. The lock has been built by Mumadon’s countess, is expanded Henry Burgundskim and became a stronghold for his offspring Afonsu Enrikish. Rekonkista (the otvoyevany countries at Moors), ended from here has begun formation of a kingdom which later after Afonsu’s death has extended a century to today’s borders. Consider that Afonsu was born in the main tower, and christened it, probably, in a font of a Romance chapel of San Miguzl on a grassy slope low.

Practical data

The road service station is placed 15 minutes of walking to the West from the small town with huge shopping centre From the Ry station that to the south of the small town, it is possible to pass passing tourist’s bureau (pn-pt 9. 30-18. 30, сб 10. 00-18. 00, вс 10. 00-13. 00; 253 412 450; www. cm-guimaraes. pt) to Avenida D. Alfonso Henriques in the centre. Other tourist’s bureau is available in the centre of the old small town on Rgas de Santiago (pn-pt 9. 30-18. 30, сб 10. 00-18. 00, вс 10. 00-13. 00; 253 518 790). The good dwelling can be found in Residential das Trinas on Rua das Trinas 29 253 517 358). Very quite good regional food offer in Oriental on Largo do Toural. Interesting night life of the small town is concentrated round Rgas by de Santiago. It is possible to advise the bar Secos.

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