Great Britain – the main data.

Great Britain - the main data.

The connected Kingdom

The main thing that it is necessary to hold in the head to tourists, is that you are not in one country, and in the 3rd: in Great Britain, Wales and Scotland. To get here, it is possible to use round to England. It assumes existence of the 3rd capitals (London, Cardiff and Edinburgh) and various state types, not to mention language aspects. Great Britain (England) remains more developed member of English society. Wales (Wales) mainly represents rural areas where Celts live; in Scotland (Scotland) (which was a part of one country it is comparable not so long ago) the outlook of the population very much differs from outlook of Englishmen.

Tourist objects

By quantity of sights and pleasure institutions London (London) is in the lead. In the southeast Brighton (Brighton) and Canterbury (Canterbury) are placed – the 1st represents the sea resort, the 2nd – one of the finest medieval cities of the country. Southwest Great Britain with hilly Devon (Devon) and the coastal mountains of Cornwall (Cornwall) – the poorly populated area, though involving a huge number of visitors at the height of summer. In the Central Great Britain are more fascinating institute the small town of Oxford (Oxford) and Cambridge (Cambridge), also Shakespeare’s homeland Stratford on Avon (Stratford-upon-Avon). Further to the North starenky industrial centres and recovered the small town of Manchester (Manchester), Liverpool (Liverpool) and Newcastle (Newcastle), also York (York) known for the historical monuments are placed; tourists are enticed by the nature – in particular the Country of Lakes. The same who loves the run wild nature, should go to the mountains of Wales, or on the Scottish uplands. To the finest lakes, plains and mountain tops of Scotland, as well as on islands of the stately western coast, it is possible to reach simply from such cities, as Glasgow (Glasgow) and Edinburgh (Edinburgh); the last, probably, the finest city in England.

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