Tangiers – a large seaport in Morocco.

Tangiers - a large seaport in Morocco.

Main data

Vessels moor near Medina. The STM autostation is at an entrance to the port, and gore routiere autostation of the personal companies and share taxis – in 1, 5 km on Av Youssef Ben Tachfine. All trains arrive on Tanger Moghogha station, 4 km from the Tetuan highway (the bus 13 from port). The tourist’s bureau is about Bd Pasteur 29 (pn-cht 8. 30-12 00 and 14. 30-18. 30, пт 8. 30-11. 30 and 15. 00-18. 30, in July-avg. can work without a dinner and on target days. 039 94 80 50) Place de France about an area. To get here, it is possible to use round in Morocco.

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