Province Traz-uzh-Montish and vicinities Bragansa.

Province Traz-uzh-Montish and vicinities Bragansa.

What to have a look

In the province Traz-uzh-Montish (that practically means «behind mountains»), maybe, as anywhere in Portugal, classical customs and housekeeping methods remain. To get here, it is possible to use round to Portugal. On a hillock over the malekhanky and submultiple provincial capital the unusual fortress of Sidadel surrounded with walls, to the village and the lock costs Bragansa. Pentagonal Domus Munisipalis (XII century) – the only thing the civilian construction which has remained in Europe of Romance style. A row has placed the Santa Maria church with a vaulted painted ceiling of the XVIII century (it is the corresponding feature of churches of Bragansa). Over it the lock (pn-sr and pt-vs 9 rises actually. 00-12. 00 and 14. 00-17. 00, 1, 50 euros, in the afternoon вс беспл.) rejected by the Portuguese monarchs for the sake of a wide estate in Alentezhu. Direct attention, there is an inquisitive shameful column from the back party of a prehistoric granite pig (porca), a pagan sign of fertility. Medieval Celtic tombs are near the whole menagerie such роrса in park at a museum to Abade-de-Basal dividing a fortress and a cathedral into Rua Abilio of Weight (W-pt 10. 00-17. 00. сб and вс 10. 00-18. 00, 2, 50 euros, вс беспл.).

Where will stop

Tourist’s bureau (pn-pt 9. 00-12. 30 and 14. 00-17. 00/18. 30; 273 381 273) takes place on Avenida Cidade de Zamora in couple of hundreds metres to the North from a cathedral. The comfortable dwelling can be found in ResidencialPocas on Rua Combatentes da G Guerra (273 331 428; 2) and in Residencial Sra da Ribeira, Travessa da Mesirecordia (273 300 550). A near camping (273 351 535, it is closed нояб. – the Agrarian Party of Russia.) it is placed in 6 km from the small town on the road to Franca, other option – more magnificent personal institution Is grey Verde (73999371; May-sent.) in 8 km on the way to Vinhais, with conveniences and the pool. Two best restaurants – Restaurante Pocas (near hotel) where submit huge portions of dense food, and Restaurante D. Fernando on Cidadela 197 behind walls of the old small town. To the south of Bragansa to the Spanish border stretches and not so long ago the formed state park to Dorvey Internasyonal where the population of the Egyptian signature stamps largest in Europe and unlimited quantity of other carnivorous birds live. Visit there is most convenient to organise Mogadora where the headquarters of park and where ежедн takes place from the small town. the bus from Bragansa (in a way of 1 h of 40 mines) on weekdays walks. Dwellings here enough: try to lodge in Pensao Russo (279 342 134) board about Rua das Eiras.

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