Tangiers – the main data.

Tangiers - the main data.

Development history

In the first half of the XX century Tangiers (Tandja in Arab and Tangiers in French) was the city with the legislation and administration where foreigners and refugees lived. When the country has received independence in 1956 g the city has lost the special status. At present it is big port which became the big resort. To get here, it is possible to use round in Morocco.


Through Gran-Sokko’s market square (official title: The area of April, 1947) is conducted by the equal road to the district Medina. The arch on a northwest corner conducts to Rue d’ltalie Street and is farther to Kasbah. On the right Rue es Siaghin Street leaves to thrown Petit Socco or Zoco Chico. From here Rue des Almohades Street (or Rue des Chretiens) and Rue Ben Raisouli conduct to the bottom gate of a fortress the Kasbakh separated by walls from Medina on the highest coast where since Old Rome the palace and administrative quarter took place. The main sight – last sultan palace of Dar-el-Makhzen (it is open in пн, ср and вс 9. 00-13. 00 and 15. 00-18. 00, 10 дирхемов) which now became a tremendous museum of crafts and ancient rarities.

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