The peninsula Hung also its port Komizha.

The peninsula Hung also its port Komizha.

Port Komizha and its district.

At a trip to round across Croatia, visit the Peninsula Hung. КОМИЖА, in 10 km from Vis, – the main fishing port of the island; the small town from the embankment surrounded with palm trees, on the one hand and surrounded with mountains with another. Over the southern suburb of harbour Kashtel – низковато the constructed fortress of the XVI century where now there is a Fishing museum (June-sent rises. pn-sb 10. 00-12. 00 and 19. 00-22. 00, вс 19. 00-22. 00, 10 кун). The best beaches 10 minutes of walking to the South from a museum where it is possible to find a number of stony bays. Every morning small vessels go from Komizhi’s harbour to Bishevo’s adjoining island for the purpose of visit so-called. Blue cave. This grotto with unusual light truly it is necessary to have a look (a trip 120 кун).

Island tourist’s bureau, hotel and restaurant.

Stop of buses coming from Vis in 100 m from harbour, from where nearby to tourist’s bureau (July-avg. pn-sb 8. 00-12. 00 and 18. 00-22. 00, сент. – June pn-pt 8. 00-13. 00, 021/713 455), placed with Kashtel. Bvsevo hotel (021/713 095;) is on the northern end of the gulf, and personal accommodation will organise Darlic & Darlic agency (021/717 205, www. darlic-tra-vel. hr), located on the embankment, and Srebrnatours on Ribarska 4 (021/713 668, sandra. vitaljic^st. hr). In harbour there is pair of pizzerias, and about Ribarska there is very quite good fish restaurant Bako. Drinks will offer you in brisk cafes and bars on a central square of Skor

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