Other sights. Where adore to have a rest inhabitants of Thailand

Other sights. Where adore to have a rest inhabitants of Thailand

Having learnt how many there is a trip to Thailand, packing a suitcase, do not forget to grasp with itself the chamber. Remove the market Chatuchak (Chatuchak Weekend Market), because this most vast and stunning congestion of trading benches what only can be imagined. Here everything is – from wigs to plants in pots and medicines from sleeplessness from medical grasses. Have, but, in a look that the market works only on Saturdays and Sundays since a dawn to a decline.
Memorial institute of queen Saovabkhi (Queen Saovabha Memorial Institute; openly: no to everyday life 8. 30-16. 00, during week-end 8. 30-12. 00, an entrance paid), the Snake farm (Snake Farm) popular in the country, is under the authority of the Reddish Cross. The main function of institute – production of serum against poison of 7 species of the snakes, urged to help out life of victims of snake stings. Guests can watch procedure of selection of poison (pn-pt 11. 00 and 14. 30, sb-vs 11. 00).

Where inhabitants of Thailand have a rest

Zoo of Dusit (Dusit Zoo; openly: once a day 8. 30-18. 00, an entrance paid) – one of the best recreation areas in Thailand for local inhabitants, who come not so much for this purpose to behold run wild animals in their native habitat, how many for the sake of supervision for far not natural attempts of elephants and deer to elicit at guests food. In a dirty pond on which romantic couples go for a drive on boats, huge turtles try to eat even bottles from under Coca-Cola. Except animals and a beautiful landscape, the zoo entices that it, maybe, the place best in Bangkok for supervision over having a good time inhabitants of Thailand.
Lumpkhini’s park (Lumphini Park; openly: once a day 4. 30-20. 00, an entrance free) – an island of relative tranquillity in the central part of the small town. Thais come here on weekends to practise art санука, in other words pleasant pastime. Without considering trays from which do business кебабами and noodles, for a northern entrance in park (from Soi Sarasin Street) work a bar and restaurant though it not the restaurant best in Thailand, but зесь, sitting at a little table, you can enjoy a decline.

For inhabitants of the South of the Russian Federation we offer rounds to Thailand from Krasnodar.

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