Central Italy. City of Urbino.

Central Italy. City of Urbino.

City of Urbino.

Having used round to Italy you can visit Urbino. In the 2nd half of the XV century the duchy URBINO was one of the most esteemed countries of Europe. Federico da Montefeltro who has involved eminent painters and architects in construction and an ornament of own palace here governed. In our days the city is remarkable mainly the tremendous museums. In Urbino’s centre the palace to Dukal where the State gallery Mark (пн 8 settles down rises. 30-14. 00, W-vs 8. 30-19. 15; 4 euros). In ducal apartments entices attention unusual Castigation Piero della Francesca, also Faultless hail – a desert city landscape known for own symmetry which long ago ranked Piero, and now consider as creation of 1 of his pupils. The most fascinating room of a palace is Studiolo, a small square hall on which walls there are the images executed in the most difficult equipment of an intarsia – drawing from valuable breeds of wood breed. Here the illusive place is created: cases as if act from walls, doors of buffets open ranks of books, and the letter lies on the put-forward shelf. Urbino’s city landscapes with medieval and Renaissance constructions – not bad antidote to the refined and freakish atmosphere of ducal rooms. The tremendous panorama of the small town and circles reveals from a fortress Fortezza Albornoz, and 2 km from here are San Bernardino – beautiful church of an era of the Renaissance.

Hotels and restaurants.

In Urbino it is rather heavy to reach; ideal option – the bus from Pezaro (the last flight 20. 00; 2, 05 euros). Buses stop on Borgo Mercatale, at the bottom of a ducal palace to which it is possible to get on the lift or on the spiral ladder designed by Francesco di Dzhordzho Martini. As to accommodation, that the cheap option is a dwelling in personal sector (in the main thing around Via Budassi); the list of places for accommodation can be received in tourist’s bureau on Piazza Rinascimento (pn-sb 9. 00-13. 00 and 15. 00-18. 00; 0722 2613. We advise Italia hotel on Corso Garibaldi 32 (0722 2701,) and it is sensitive worn more out institution San Giovanni on Via Barocci 13 (0722 2827; July it is closed). nПитаться is most ideal in an institute dining room on Piazza San Filippo Square or in Bar Caffe degli Angeli, Borgo Mercenate 21/22 where prepare good panini. We advise Cantuccio II restaurants on Via Budassi 64 where it is possible to test the most tasty strozzapreti paste, and La Taverna degli Artisti for Via Bramante 52. The most popular cafes are placed near Piazza della Repubblica Square; in Cocktail & Drink sounds music is live. In the evening it is possible to enjoy in comfortable bar ‘LIsola, Via dei Veterani 18, or in the disco bar Bus Bar, Via Nazionale Bocca Trabaria 6, in walking half an hour from the centre.

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