Olyan-gorod and seaport in the south of Portugal.

Olyan-gorod and seaport in the south of Portugal.

Main data

Olyan located in 8 km to the east the Headlight – the largest fishing port in Algarvi and good base for survey of sand islands. Ry and road service stations are placed close from each other in the northeast of the small town and near to tourist’s bureau on Rua do Comercjo (окт. – May pn-pt 10. 00-13. 30 and 14. 30-18. 00; June-sent. ежедн. 9. 30-19. 00; 289 713 936). To get here, it is possible to use round to Portugal.

Where will stop

Тормознуть it is possible in high quality Pensao Bela Vista (289 702 538;), the 1st turn to the right from tourist’s bureau, or in Pensao Boemia, is sensitive further from the centre on Rua da Segsa 20 (289 714 513;) – The near camping (289 700 300) is in Marima that in 3 km to the east, buses walk each hour from road service station (to 19. 00). The large quantity of restaurants is available around a market structure on the embankment. A Bote on Avda 5 de Outubro (it is closed вс) is quite good also.

Vacation spots

Good local dishes can be tried in Bela Vista that on a ground floor of the board with the same name. Ferries on Armon and Kulatra’s islands leave from the mooring at the end of city park that in 5 minutes of walking from the market. In Armon (in a way of 15 minutes, there and back 2 euros) land passengers at a longish strip of beach chalets which lasts on both parties of the main road of the island. Тормознуть here it is possible only in a chalet (only for the Agrarian Party of Russia. – окт., 289 714 173), and to you will have the luck, if it will turn out to get to such place in the summer. Vessels to Kulatr’s island (in ways of 35-45 minutes, there and back 2-2, 60 euros) at first come into Kulatr’s small town, and then to the charming settlement FAROL.

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