Porto – the second-large city in Portugal.

Porto - the second-large city in Portugal.

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The 2nd for size and very fine city of the country of Porto – a comfortable starting point for travel on northern regions of Portugal. To get here, it is possible to use round to Portugal. It has stately settled down on the mountain at river to Dorvey and is most known for the suburb of Vila-Nova-di-Gaya where port from local grapes becomes. On the plain to Dorvey passes fine жд a route with branches on the North on the river Tamega to the Amaranth and according to Korgo to Vila-Real – head transport knot of the old and isolated region Traz-uzh-Montish with the ancient capital Bragansa. Many it is considered area of Minyyu lying in the northwest the finest in the country thanks to hillocks overgrown with the wood and a rocky shore (Koshta-Verde) with the most spotless in Europe beaches. These are silent and keeping limited foundations the province with the charming cities in the middle of which are allocated the religious centre Braga and Guimaraes (the self-proclaimed cradle of a civilisation).


One of Porto’s brightest sights is the baroque tower Klerigush – the highest in Portugal – 76 metres or 225 steps. Construction under control of the Italian designer Nicolas Nazoni has been begun in 1754 and is complete in 1763. From modern constructions the music House (арх is allocated with own unusual form. Ram Koolhaus, 2001-05). Through Dorvey the large quantity of the bridges connecting Porto with the satellite town of Vila-Nova-de-Gaya is thrown. Certain from them are unique for own time technological decisions. For example, жд Pontus-de-Don-Maria-Pia Bridge erected in 1876-1877 on the project of Gustave Eyfel, was one of the first projects which have brought to his founder the world glory.

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