Yangzi Tszyutszyan and Lushan Tszyutszyans pool. Tszyutszyan – how to vary tourist rest in China

Yangzi Tszyutszyan and Lushan Tszyutszyans pool. Tszyutszyan - how to vary tourist rest in China

The station Zhd is in 3 km to the southeast from the centre, at a far extremity to Gantankh. High-speed trains go from it to Nanchang and Hefei. From жд the station to station of buses of the far following, located in 1500 m to the East on Syunyanla, the city bus No. 1 follows. On Syunyanla, approximately in the centre between road service station and the lake, are «Bank оЧайна» and the best hotels of China, namely, Xinhua Binguan which, though has had already the best times, is quite comfortable. Near it there is ultramodern Huifeng Binguan with the big glazed bathrooms and chromic cranes. More classic items offers guests of Bailu Binguan – the comfortable hotel belonging to local travel agencies. The trip to China has also minuses in the summer. Summer evenings in Tszyutszyan very dushnovaty that посиживать on houses, and all local inhabitants leave on Syunyanla – to take a look at show-windows of shops. Do not forget to glance also in restaurant of Chinese cuisine in the open air and to have supper there. Enjoying views of Lushan, you can try there not only only vserasprostranenny dishes from fish and spiny lobsters and exotic foods from frogs and fresh-water snails. Some restaurants and grocery booths you find and in lanes between the lake and the river. Tasty stewed dishes at reasonable prices offers guests in Chuanwang. If to you on temper the Chinese strong drinks, order a small bottle of Jiulingjiu, the local ardent water, the issued corked clay press – having opened a bottle, you should enjoy all it. Here you can vary own tourist rest in China and test something new.

Fantastic rounds to China from Samara. You will not see that more anywhere! The old culture and architecture in monuments and palaces, innumerable natural beauty also do not leave you flegmantichny.

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