Tourist centres (хостелы) Egypt. Youth hotels of Egypt is a cheap rest with certain defects

The Egyptian youth tourist centres are cheap, but minuses are considerable, and they should be considered, choosing tourist rounds to Egypt. Vserasprostranen of the practician to lock them in the afternoon and to establish a curfew a night, also to divide guys and ladies and (usually) foreigners and Egyptians (that, vobshchy, even is good if in a hostel live booming groups). Most ideal than base in Cairo, Sharm el-Sheikh and Ismailia where it is possible to pick up the price of residence in Egypt, appropriate to your abilities. But they are far from the life centre, as well as more opposite places in Alexandria, Luxor and Sokhage. In the centre the base of Aswan is placed only. Any camp site itself defines, whether to achieve the International card of student’s tourist centres (Hostelling International (HI) card), and rules povsevremenno change. If the base starts up not members of HI, from them usually take additional contributions in a night, and in 6 days they the machine gun receive membership. Also there are some YMCA bases which accept all. Most ideal in Asyut, there smart conditions and the beautiful price – though it is improbable that there is a lot of tourists захотит to visit youth hotels of Egypt in Asyut.
The necessary information on Egypt can be provided to you in tourist firm where you get the permit.

If permits from Murmansk to Egypt for youth rest are necessary to you – specify their existence at representatives of the tourist companies.

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