Kanchanaburi. The museum of Thailand – JEATH War Museum will tell to us about war

Kanchanaburi. The museum of Thailand - JEATH War Museum will tell to us about war

Kanchanaburi’s (Kancha-naburi) idyllic placement — on river banks Kvay (Kwai) overgrown with pyshnovaty greens — brightens up a sad story of this place: here in days of the 2nd world war at construction of the known bridge through the river Kvay were lost тыщи prisoners of war. This episode of war has found wide popularity thanks to Pierre Boulle’s book and the film shot on it. After war the bridge has been restored by locals; only eight its initial sections with bow-shaped farms up to now have reached. Every day on the bridge pass two trains, going in Namtok (Nam the Current) and offering a pleasant hour trip in Thailand further on the West, to colourful falls – one of number of those few places where it is possible to remove a bungalow in Thailand.
You can walk around the bridge or inspect it from one of the boats which are scurrying about up and downstream, and on the way to make stops at a cemetery and the caves located nearby. To receive idea of the fears accompanying a construction of the bridge, visit two cemeteries where more than 8 thousand English, Dutch, Australian, Malaysian, Indian, Canadian, New Zealand and burmese prisoners of war and about 100 thousand podnachalny builders of the steel road are based. Inscriptions on gravestones are ordinary and touching, as sad verses.
Museum of Thailand – JEATH War Museum
Then can glance in the Military museum of Thailand (JEATH War Museum; openly: once a day 8. 30-18. 00, entrance paid). It settles down in the construction reminding a beechen hut in what there lived prisoners. Photos, and the remained things narrate pictures about fears of Japanese captivity, about an ingenuity which was shown by prisoners, trying to survive in inhuman criteria, and about the help which was rendered stealthily to them by local inhabitants.
In located to the South from Tsentre Bridge of the Thai-burmese steel road (Thailand-Burma Railway Centre; openly: once a day 9. 00-17. 00, entrance paid; ph.: 0-3451-0067) the history of Thailand is told about «the death road» and even there is a copy of the bridge executed in true size.

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