Egypt on water. To find out, how many there is a trip across Egypt and in travel across the Suez Canal how many will manage,

are possible in a web Egypt on water. To find out, how many there is a trip across Egypt and in travel across the Suez Canal how many will manage,

How many there is a trip to Egypt on water
Colonial tradition of cruises across Nile, familiar to us according to films and novels, has reincarnated in business with fleet in 240 steamships. Before acts of terrorism in Luxor in 1997. Practically all cruising аква transport of Egypt was reserved by the tourist companies for some months, and it was difficult to certain tourists to find on their place. For the modern person. to find out, how many there is a trip to Egypt, Poland пробелемы will not make. Besides there are also beautiful offers to discounts. Rounds to Egypt on the water, ordered from abroad, stand from $1000 for week cruise or even less, and in Egypt, directly on a place, it is possible to organise four-day travel approximately for $300 (the prices are specified at the rate on the 1st person in a double cabin). The prices sharply soar up at luxury service. The most part of the ships leave Luxor, and in 3-5 days float to Aswan (or go from there), with stops in Yen, to Idf and Kom-Ombo.
Rest in Egypt by cruising motor ships
If you were already adjusted on аква rest in Egypt and look for cruise, do not hurry to take the most cheap, – certain ships are far from perfect in respect of hygiene and criterion of accommodation. Cruising аква transport of Egypt – the smart ships with swimming pools – is magnificent, but it is necessary to choose carefully. If there is the smallest possibility, try to look at a vessel first. The most profitable offers are done by local agents (or agents specifically by the ships) in Luxor and Aswan. Be careful of travel at inflated prices which are offered by barkers and certain hotels of Egypt. More reliable cruises usually are on sale together with permits on rest in Egypt.
Feluki – sailing аква transport of Egypt
Feluki, the ships with the triangular sails, going across Nile since age-old times, still serve as transport in Egypt on many pieces of the river. Tourists adore to carry out rest in Egypt, meeting by such ships the declines permitting in blissful idleness to feel change of moods of Nile. Many prefer longer cruises on фелуках – they go down on the river from Aswan and on the road stop at temples between Aswan and Luxor. To get on that cruise easy without the aid of others, permits sell to tourists both certain hotels of Egypt and tour operators.
Ferries and high-speed аква transport of Egypt
Nile and the Suez Canal in different points cross local ferries, usually cheap, beaten and overflowed. Between Luxor and west bank of Nile clean ferries for tourists walk also, but it is even more fascinating to use the ordinary. Vessels on longish distances walk on the Reddish sea and the Akabsky gulf; there to replacement to the slow ships of a past has come also high-speed аква transport of Egypt: catamarans and "rockets". They walk from Hurghada to Sharm el-Sheikh three times a week, overcoming distance in only ninety minutes. Cost in $40 not much more differs from the travel price on starenky vessels (which more than 5 hours go), not including that, it is better to avoid a longish way by land through Suez. Other catamaran walks from Nuveyby in the Jordanian port Aqaba.

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