Route of steel Dorvey Road.

Route of steel Dorvey Road.

Dorvey Road

The river plain to Dorvey with inflows differ the finest landscapes in the country, and best of them – the plain to Dorvey, very narrow and zigzag practically on all own extent. To get here, it is possible to use round to Portugal. Here it is necessary to be passed on steel Dorvey Road which follows повдоль the rivers of nearly 60 km, then crosses it and goes to depth of the country. Constant routes follow to Peso-di-Regua (the centre of production of port) and is the least frequent to Tua and Posinyu at the end of a route. In Livrasan. approximately in an hour of driving from Porto, the line on Tamegu interrupts in the fine mountain city the Amaranth. Shivering in a train with the unique carriage, you will see the pine woods and vineyards on hillsides while far low the river curls a ribbon from a lyapis-azure. In the Amaranth it is necessary to be late, for all history of local places is connected with a monastery to Gonsala (XIII century).

Noteworthy places in the Amaranth

In the city the fine church and an unusual modernist museum have remained, but the silent, house atmosphere of ancient small streets mainly entices. The excellent available hotel Residential A Raposeira is placed on Largo Antonio Candido 53 (255 432 221:2) over restaurant with the same title where submit big portions of local food. Near to the city of Livrasan the steel road leaves to Dorvey and further follows up on a current to Mesanyu-Friu where the plain extends, becoming the plain with the centre in Pezu-Da-Regua, from here the port made in Pinyana, follows in Porto. The terrasny slopes set by grapes from which produce port right there begin: most ideally they look in August, in maturing, and in September when harvesting begins. Further to Tua the landscape is defined an unusual form by flat hillocks which seem green at distance. In Tua (where the branch on Korgo is crossed with branches on central Vila-Real, province Traz-uzh-Montish gate). It is possible to change Posinyu on buses towards Miranda-du-Douro.

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