Northeast Anatoli. The best rest in Turkey: western Georgian plains. Arrival, transport, services

Northeast Anatoli. The best rest in Turkey: western Georgian plains. Arrival, transport, services

How to arrange for itself the best rest in Turkey: transport in Yusufeli

If you will not manage to sit down on the direct bus from Erzurum to Yusufeli, ask, that you have landed in 10 km from the city centre at SU to Kavushuma. Artvin-Yusufeli’s last bus arises at this intersection about 4 hours of day. If you pass it, but nevertheless wish to admire Bakhlar now, to the small town it is possible to reach by a taxi (10YTL for the car). This intersection also is a comfortable point where it is possible to sit down on transport in Ardakhan, the Penalty and to other sights. From Yusufeli долмуши go to villages above on a watercourse, including in Barkhal and Hevek, with отогара at Cicek Palas Oteli. In these two mountain occupied пт minibuses walk all the year round because people there live also in the winter. Vobshchem, the schedule of their movement is rather unclear, though they and should sail away from Yusufeli in 14. 00 and 17. 00 because, at theoretical level, are adhered to arrival of after-dinner buses from Artvin.

The best rest in Turkey: we choose excursions

If you have arrived here the company, the best rest in Turkey are mountains therefore address to the local guide and the owner of the minibus Osman (0466/826-2026) who with pleasure will take you to Barkhal. The best alloys on рафтах will be organised by Dzhumkhur Bayrak (0466/811-2393) which office takes place on a ground floor of Qiqek Palas Oteli. Four-hour departure with a three-hour alloy costs €25 from the person. But if you gather for summer holiday to Turkey, keep in mind that from May to June the current here is even more quick, than in other season that means that a trip it will be essential more shortly. In Yusufeli there are three banks of Turkey with ATMs, mail and shops with the main tourist equipment. The local guide Sirali Aydyn (0466/811-3893) will organise campaigns on East Понтийским mountains and rents the necessary equipment to tourists in Turkey. If it will not turn out to rent the equipment at it, address in рафтцентр in Cicek Palas Oteli.

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