Istanbul and its district. Istanbul. Кадикёй, the Fashion and Haydarpasha – the small town of Turkey – suburbs of Istanbul, known people of Turkey

Istanbul and its district. Istanbul. Кадикёй, the Fashion and Haydarpasha - the small town of Turkey - suburbs of Istanbul, known people of Turkey

Small the small town of Turkey – suburbs of Istanbul
On other coast of Bosporus, on its Asian party, there is a suburb of Istanbul Kadikyoy (Kadikoy). On the 1st look there is nothing fascinating of the main sights of Turkey, without considering views of the European part of the small town, nevertheless, this rather live place with quite good shops, restaurants, cinema halls and bars and Spa the centres in Turkey. The steam cursors which have seemed at the end of the XIX century of ferries have made the message of boundaries Beyogla and Kadikyoem more readily available, and it has promptly reincarnated to the popular area where rich Greeks, Armenians and foreign businessmen began to lodge. Osnovnaya Street Kadikyoya takes place in the South and Baydat Kaddesi (Bagdat Caddesi) is called. It is a part of an old Silk way from China, but, despite of it, on it there are no noteworthy monuments of architecture, but only the shops trading in clothes. In Kadikyoe the best clothes are on sale on the Gene Azim Gyundyuz Kaddesi (Gen Azim Giindiiz Caddesi) (being by Bakhariye Kaddesi), to the right from Syoyyutlyu-cheshma Kaddesi (Sogutlucesme Caddesi). It is the wide, abrupt street going up from the mooring of a sea tram.
You can receive also a lot of pleasure, touching a junk, starenky carpets and килимы in a flea market on Yozellik Sokak (Ozellik Sokak). To the South from Kadikyoya there is more expensive city of Turkey – the suburb of Istanbul – the Fashion (Moda) where it is possible to reach, having curtailed with Syoyyutlyucheshma Kaddesi on Moda Kaddesi. Such known institutions, as art gallery Benadam and cafe Bonzhur there take place. And to the house No. 266 with Ali Usta’s popular ice-cream bar in summer evenings longish turns are built. Through the gulf to the North from Kadikyoya there is Haydarpash’s station (Nau-darpasa). which perceptible building stands out far in waters of Bosporus. All Turkish trains, not including what go to Europe from here depart. The direct ferry connects the station about Eminyonya, well and to the mooring of the ferry of Kadikyoya from here only 10 minutes on foot. To the North from station, boundaries the Institute of the Sea of Marmara and the English military cemetery is by sea and Tibbiye Kaddesi, (it is opened ежедн., 7. 00-19. 00), where the fighters who were lost during Crimean, also of the First and 2nd global wars are buried. To reach there, it is necessary for you to curtail with Tibbiye Kaddesi (Tibbiye Caddesi) on Burkhan Felek Kaddesi (Burhan Felek Caddesi) between a building of institute and military infirmary
Well-known places and known people of Turkey
In several minutes of walking on the North from institute on Kavak Iskel Kaddesi (Kavak Iskele Caddesi) there are Selimiye’s (Selimiye) remarkable barracks (are closed for public), whose northwest wing was used during the Crimean war (1854-1856) as infirmary. Many popular rounds bring tourists into Turkey here. In its northern tower lived and the Englishwoman whom it is possible to consider as the representative of esteemed and recognizable people of Turkey – Florence Naytingeyl who developed modern universal mechanisms of work of younger honey of the personnel and has reduced mortality crippled from 20 percent to 2 worked. Opposite to barracks, through Cheshmei Kebir Sokak on Selimiye Dzhamy Sokak, for the fighter has been constructed Selimiye Dzhamy (Selimiye Camii) and to impudent persons. In 10 minutes of walking from Tibbiye Kaddesi towards Yuskyudar there is the hugest in Istanbul the Muslim cemetery based still in the middle of the XIV century, Karacha Ahmet Mezarliyi (Karaca Ahmet Mezarligi). Its graves which about one million is, are in a shadow of big starenky cypresses. The buses going from a northern part of Kadikyoya (the most comfortable routes No. 12 and 14 are), pass by the station, call in in Yuskyudar and by shopping centre

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