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Istrian Peninsula.

Istrian Peninsula. At travel in round across Croatia, visit its Big Istrian Peninsula (the North of Adriatic Sea) - the most developed tourist zone of Croatia. Many settlements here became resorts in the XIX century, and soon proximity of this district to Northern Read More

Huang He, Tayan and Tai Shan. Religious traditions of China in the middle of people of China. The mountain deity drawing many tourists in China

Religious traditions of China and Mount Tai Shan Tai Shan generally than all other sacred mountains, has used an arrangement of tsars therefore also greatness of own monuments - temples and pavilions - should almost in everything to patronage of a pravitelsky Read More

Istanbul and its district. Istanbul. Dolmabakhches palace. Palaces of Turkey, art of Turkey

Very gold palaces of TurkeyThe tourist trip to the country will not do without acquaintance to historical sights of Turkey. Dolmabakhches (Dolmabahce Palace) palace is open ежедн., not including пн and чт, 9. 00-16. 00 (only one and a half hour excursions with Read More

Yangzi Tszyutszyan and Lushan Tszyutszyans pool. Tszyutszyan – how to vary tourist rest in China

The station Zhd is in 3 km to the southeast from the centre, at a far extremity to Gantankh. High-speed trains go from it to Nanchang and Hefei. From жд the station to station of buses of the far following, located in 1500 m to the East on Syunyanla, the city Read More

Public TRANSPORT. On what it is more convenient to move: buses of Thailand, a train, the underground or a taxi in Thailand?

Underground. Carrying out mass transportations of passengers the underground transport system of Bangkok supplements «Skytrain» strips, at the 3rd stations passengers can change from one trains to others. Both systems provide more effective moving on the small Read More

Pyramids in Giza Hefrens Funeral complex and the Sphinx the Sphinx

This well-known monument on which district it is possible to get through the temple in the plain, is cut out from layers of myagenky limestone leaving on a surface which allegedly remained here after more rigid stone surrounding it has been applied to construction Read More

Yangzi Tszyutszyans pool and Lushan. Tszyutszyans popular Chinese sights

Tszyutszyans place in the history of China during new timeNow cost of a trip to China allows to travel at all to very comfortable people. Small, but always last basic central пт for river transport ЦЗЮЦЗЯН (Nine Rivers) costs on Yangzis southern coast, near Read More