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Food and night life. The state cuisine of Egypt and other culinary traditions are presented at restaurants and cafe Ale Arisha

The most cheap places for food - institutions where ordinary restaurants повдоль streets are on sale on July 23 фуль and a taamiya (prompt and nourishing cuisine of Egypt) near Balady Square, or. In Aziz (after El-Salaam Hotel, near Medan Balady) and Beta Bet Read More

Heliopolis (Masr al-Gadida) Transport: the underground of Heliopolis

It is dependent from starting пт, applied transport and, whether you go or is not present in rush hours, the road to Heliopolis from a business part of the small town borrows from fifteen to 30 minutes. You can reach there by the bus (No. 400, 400/, 500) or the Read More

Food and drinks of Istanbul. A cheap food in cafe. Food in Turkey – not discrepancy

Even having lodged in cheap hotels of Turkey, troubles with a food you will not have. Till nedavneshny time in Istanbul dominated tea to what submitted only tea, наргиле and crayfish. Now the enterprises of a public food of the small town are very diverse and Read More

Pyramids in Giza the Pyramid Mikerina (Menkaura)

Located on the smooth slope passing to the hilly desert, smallest of pyramids of Giza says about decreasing power and devotion. Hefrena Menkaur begun by the successor (which Greeks named Mikerin), it has been finished with unprecedented haste his offspring Shepses Read More

Mediterranean coast. To the East from Adana. The most interesting excursions across Turkey

If you go at excursion in Turkey from Adana on the East, to Iskenderun and Antakya (buses under the title ours there walk), through 20 km you will arrive in Yakapinar. It is to the South from the route and has a small museum with found nearby ancient Read More

Coast of the Dark sea. Western part of the Black Sea coast of Turkey. Sinop and its district. The small town of Turkey and the most noteworthy excursions in Turkey

The most ancient small town of TurkeyThe 1st that you will notice at arrival to this city of Turkey — a small lock-up (Prison) which is on Sakarya Caddesi Street nearby to отогара (otogar). The lock-up since 1882 is placed in the former building of shipyard and Read More

Casino and Tourism share a very strong and common bond with each other

It’s true that casinos and tourism have a lot in common. They are both industries which strive to
offer a high quality product for an exigent market while a...

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