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Centre and South of Egeysky area. Heart of old Ionia. Selchuk and his district. St. Marias church is one of the main sights of the small town of Turkey

The first hint that you have got to the old city of Turkey which becomes visible for a long time before you will approach on an insignificant parking with souvenir benches where it is possible to behold that tourists get in Turkey, and excursion buses, Vedius Read More

Western Georgian plains. Sights of Turkey: an excursion trip to Barkhals church

To behold the unique local sight of Turkey, the excursion trip to Church Barkhala (Parkhali) becomes not only only useful and pleasant walk. The church is constructed by David Magistrosom and She treats the X-th century is in 20 minutes of walking up on a track Read More

Bakharys oasis Baviti the Museum of inheritance of an oasis

Most visited show in Baviti is a Museum of inheritance of the oasis, made Mohammed Eed, the 29-year-old artist self-educated person who has been inspired by Badr from Farafra. Certain consider that its sculptures from refractory clay are more expressive Read More

Cheboksary (Shupashkar)

These are sights of the small town of Cheboksary. Cheboksary is the capital of the Chuvash Republic. Without considering hospitable reception, you will be amazed by an abundance of fine places of this occupied пт. By all means take a walk on the night small town Read More

THREE Best CORNERS. The best beaches in Egypt are open! Find cheap round to Egypt and go on rest

What to take in a trip to Egypt? Spinning! Fans to watch birds and fishermen will find than to be engaged in Egypt. In the Gulf of Akaba, to the north el Sheikhs Charm - fine fishing in the high sea, and the most rare migratory birds gather in the adjoining Read More

Coast of the Dark sea. Sinop. Others Turkish the small town

The best city of Turkey - SinopSinop owning by fine natural harbour was stretched on a peninsula isthmus at the hillock bottom. Here always it is possible to get the permit to Turkey. In remarkably located small town a number of historical monuments which appropriate Read More

Oasis of Bakhariyastary quarter Baviti, Ayn Bishma and Al-Kasr

Starenky quarter of Baviti is in the centre of the small town and represents a congestion of starenky houses from a brick and mausoleums about the main street, where pensioners groups посиживают on мастабах. To estimate a leading position of quarter, take place Read More