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TWO Best SUNSETS. Where it is possible to have a rest perfectly in Egypt? The best hotels and hotels of Egypt I wait for you

The best hotels of Egypt will present to you the best views of the city. At the end of day perfectly to toss of a glass on a terrace of generous old hotel Katarkat in Aswan, looking, as snow-white sails фелюк slide behind Elefantins peninsula. This Read More

Militia. The tourist militia protects a tourist season in Thailand

Going to a tourist trip to Thailand, learn everything about own safety. The special Thai tourist militia (Thai Tourist Police) operates in the main districts of Bangkok and on all country, more in the locations of tourist objects and big hotels not only only Read More

Luxor temple, its look and schedule of visits. How many there are excursions in Egypt you always can specify in your hotel

The trip to Egypt is worthy of it to visit the Luxor temple (once a day: from October to April 6:00-21:00; from May to September 6:00-10:00; on Ramadan 6:00-18:30 and 20:00-23:00; 35 pounds, for students - 20 pounds; photographing with a support - 20 pounds) Read More

East Понтийские mountains. A choice of tourist routes of Turkey according to the map of Turkey

The most noteworthy tourist routes of Turkey The map of Turkey contains 6 most favourite, East Понтийских mountains of tourist villages located on slopes — it is the Chat (Cat) and Ayder (Ayder) from the Dark sea, also Barkhal, Hevek, Meretet and Tekkal on the Read More

PHONES and cellular communication in Thailand

Code of Thailand 66. To call abroad, gather 001, then a code of the country and a region code. If need the help for a call abroad, gather 100. Consider, what even in the best hotels of Thailand for international conversation to you will show the big account. Read More

Huang He Tayan and Tai Shan. Restaurants popular in the middle of tourists in China

As house specialty of tayansky kitchen the reddish carp acts. Fishes catch in fresh-water ponds on slopes of the mountain and fry the live. From other local foods it is necessary to test a chicken filled with plesnevy mushrooms, increasing in two-metre radius Read More

Pyramids in Giza (Huf) Snutris Stately pyramid of Cheops of the Stately pyramid

To support the necessary humidity снутри pyramids, number of guests which can enter at once into a pyramid, it is limited - 150 people in the afternoon and 150 in the evening. Therefore it is better to get tickets (100 pounds, students of 50 pounds, shootings Read More