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Casino and Tourism share a very strong and common bond with each other

It’s true that casinos and tourism have a lot in common. They are both industries which strive to
offer a high quality product for an exigent market while also keeping up with the times and
investing in innovative new additions that will keep them relevant for years to come.

For the casino industry this new technology meant online casinos, which offered players across
the globe the chance to play their favorite games from the comfort of their own home. Even with
this new world of gambling that online casinos brought on, tourism still shares a common bond
with casinos.

For one thing, Las Vegas, possibly the most famous gambling themed city/resort in the world has
never been busier regardless of the popularity of online casinos. In fact, the online casino market
has opened the world of safe and professional gambling to players who would have never tried it
otherwise. Thus, it has also created millions of potential new visitors for the world’s most
prestigious gambling cities and resorts.

When it comes adding new innovative products that will attract a new generation of users the
tourism industry has also been creative, combining the popular world of casinos with cruise
ships, creating a unique, luxurious and highly popular product.

While the tourism industry can’t offer interesting slot games such as Cosmic Fortune
for example they can offer a fantastic vacation where among numerous other entertaining ways to
spend your free time you will be able to gamble.

The best part of the online casino industry is its mobile platform, which allows players from all
across the globe to play the amazing games on offer, even games like Tornado Farm Escape
with its stunning graphics and sophisticated design.

This way, players who are enjoying their casino themed vacation can easily access any slot game
or any other type of game they can’t find in a brick-and-mortar casino from their mobile devices
and enjoy the best of both worlds.

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So what’s the color of chameleon dress?

Today we called several employees of our company to determine the color of the dress, and as it was thought, the company split into two parts:

  • 4 employees saw white and gold, or in a pinch white with blue/gold with brown-yellowish…
  • 3 employees saw blue and black!

I was warned about the possible aggression from the “white and gold” camp (and that’s – I don’t want any kind of murder to be done in the company). But unexpectedly “white and gold” were very quiet, and since predicted events do not come true (we have no quarrel), we just decided that the main cause is in different perception of each person. We see all things in different way.

By the way, there are twins in our company, and they (both – female) see colors differently although they have identical-looking eyes.

At home, I have tested image through Photoshop and found that both groups were equally half right. That’s what I got:

White color of chameleon dress is originally white.

White color of chameleon dress is originally white.
But anyone who see white as blue is also right.


Платье хамелеон - реальные цвета

As for golden, yellow and reddish-brown – it is close to yellow-brown-red spectrum!
Thus, other camp is right as well.

My explanation:
Press in Photoshop on the “eyedropper” tool – this makes the main color, which is to be clicked on further. Then in the first image click on the white, but it color is up to you: as for me it looks white, but other people think that it’s blue – and they are right, because Photoshop recognizes it as “blue range of colors”… Also Photoshop recognizes golden color as red-brown-yellow, but as for me it’s golden and brown – and I’m almost true.
Well, why do we see chameleon differently and why this dress has appeared in March 2015 and divided people into equal parts so “clearly”? Obviously it’s a mystery, but maybe you have some suggestions? Leave it in commentaries.
Kind regards,
Source: http: // msd.

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District of Tallinn

District of Tallinn

On the peninsula of Saaremaa at the western coast of Estonia it is simple to get from Tallinn. This popular a recreation area with the woods and the fine coastline.

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Trekking in Georgia and climbing Kazbek

Trekking in Georgia and climbing Kazbek - Georgia (1)

Georgia is a marvelous country, famous for its vines, cognacs and unrivaled Caucasus Mountains. These features along with many others attract many tourists from all over the world. For alpinists the main advantage is rocky impregnable cliffs, whose snowy peaks reach the sky. Fans of rafting can practice on the rough mountain rivers. And travelers can visit different cities with medieval architecture and learn many interesting traditions of locals. At the territory of Georgia the popular ski resort Gudauri is located among the Caucasus Mountains, which is a so called Mecca for those who prefer free ride and gather there from different parts of the world.

Caucasus Mountains is perfect place for trekking in Georgia. There are a lot of interesting routes worth of attention. The Caucasus Mountains cover the major part of the country. They stretch from the northern-east to the southern-west. The mountains are rather high, more than 5000 meters, but there are also many easy routes for trekking which doesn’t demand special skills and experience. Still there are some peculiarities worth to know. Before planning the trekking tour to Georgia it’s better to practice somewhere on the lower mountains.

Very popular and exciting activity is climbing one of the highest peaks of the Georgian Caucasus – the Kazbek Mountain (5033 meters). It is located on the southern-east of the Main Caucasus Range on the border between Georgia and Russia. Kazbek is an ancient volcano and its peak is covered with a glacier. In Georgia this mount is also known as Mkinvartsveri or Mkinvari, which means “mountain with icy peak” Therefore climbing to the mount demands good fitness and basic mountaineering skills.

The easiest and the most popular route to the top of the mount goes by the Georgian side from the village Stepantsminda, which situates at an altitude of 1750 meter. As the classical route to the Kazbek peak doesn’t contain steep cliffs it is suitable not only for professional alpinists. However, you’ll spend several nights in a tent, it’s good to have previous experience of some trekking tours in Georgia.Special equipment you will need climbing Kazbek includes crampons, helmet, ice ax and ropes for system of safety on some steps of the route.

Travelling to Georgia is a good opportunity to supplement your trekking experience with a mountaineering one. Besides, at the altitude of 500 meters you will view fascinating landscapes of the mighty Caucasus Mountains, you will get unforgettable impressions.

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Active recreation in Ukraine

Active recreation in Ukraine – trekking and rafting in the Carpathians

Ukraine, despite of its’ huge touristic potential, is little known for a European tourist. The fact is regrettable, as its’ natural resources make all the conditions to develop various kinds of active tourism. Trekking in the mountains, floating by calm plain rivers and extreme rafting by the mountain rivers, bike tourism and caves excursions –this is only a tip list of numerous offers of active recreation in Ukraine.  Moderate climate, the Black Sea and Azov Sea, Carpathian Mountains, great amount of rivers, ski trails of European level, ancient history and culture makes travel to Ukraine really various on the one hand; exiting and available through the whole year – on the other. Low prices for trips will please anyone.

The western part of Ukraine proposes excellent opportunities for organizing active recreation on several directions:

  • trekking in the mountains
  • rafting by mountain rivers
  • floating on plain rivers
  • recreation in caves

Ukrainian Carpathians, along with pleasant active recreation between fantastic views and fresh mountain air, offer a great amount of trekking routes with different difficulty degree. The most popular one goes along the Chornohora range, which includes six highest peaks of Ukraine, of more than 2000 meters high. Trekking in the Carpathians doesn’t demand special climbing gear. Right choice of tour according to the fitness and skills of all the participants will allow even the beginners to participate.

Carpathian also gives great opportunities for extreme rafting. For the advanced rafters rivers of Prut and White Cheremosh will be interesting in the Carpathian Mountains, and for the beginners – the Black Cheremosh is suitable. Rafting tours in Ukraine during the white-water season in April and May gather a plenty of tourists from different countries every year.  And the great amount of picturesque plain rivers in the Western Ukraine, especially the Dniester and the longest in the Europe Dniester Canyon, – makes the water recreation interesting for those tourist who avoid extreme activities.

On the territory of the Western Ukraine the third part of all the castles is located, as well as plenty of various sculptures and monuments. The historical center of the Lviv city is registered in the World Heritage List. Therefore, Ukraine has enough features to amaze and excite fans of traveling and active recreation as well.

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It is long since clear that the cradle of a world civilisation has arisen on Old Vostk, the region where unusually appeared, prospered and the stately countries and stately cultures went out.

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Use laser pointer to play with your cat when you are away


People enjoy view that cats prefer to attach themselves to places, not to owners, because they are loners and don’t need company. However, it turns out that feline love our company and prefer to spend their time playing with us.

It is a well-known fact that cats sleep 15-18 hours every day so many owners believe that all time they spend at work their cats are sleeping, however, this statement is far away from truth. Cats can be depressed and feel lonely because of absence of their owners and that can result in obesity and harms to mental and physical condition. They can also lose appetite or become lethargic. Whether you believe it or not, but sometimes vets prescript antidepressant medications for severely depressed cats!

Lonely cat – destructive cat. Bored cat is a walking disaster –pet can scratch the furniture, tatter wallpapers, break vases and other glass items. Some owners think that with the television on their cats will not feel alone and they will watch TV. However, it is hard to imagine daytime TV program that can draw attention of the cat, unless it is BBC Nature with stories about mice.

Adopting another cat can be considered as a kind of problem solving. Unfortunately, there is no guarantee that they will get alone with each other. And if you have no possibility to provide them more territory for games and toys you are at risk to receive two bored kitties instead of one.

Cats need interactive plays for at least 20 minutes each day and that will help your pet to stay physically and mentally active. Regular interaction with you is crucial for the cat because you are companions.

Try Petcube! With help of this gadget you will be able to entertain your pet from another part of the globe!

  1. Wide angle camera. With its help you can see everything that happens in your house. You can record cute cat videos and share them – without a doubt, your pet can become a hero of Youtube!
  2. Speaker and microphone. Speak with your cat and hear grateful purr in answer!
  3. Everybody knows that cats like to chase laser spot. They are hunters so they like to play such games that need speed and quick reaction. And with help of Petcube you can play with your pet even when you are not t home!

Petcube Camera is controlled with help of special mobile app available for iOS and Android.

Stay close to your beloved kitty!

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